Let me start by saying that Monday is a rest day in the training schedule, so if you were wondering if I’d bailed already, rest assured that I’m still very much on track!

So it’s Tuesday and I set the alarm clock for 5 a.m. Waking up wasn’t the problem…looking outside at the still, grey sky and mist in the air, I easily convinced myself to slip back under the covers for another precious 60 minutes. Clearly, I would have to fit in the run later in the day.

Fast forward 12 hours and I’m at the soccer field watching my girls play back-to-back games in the cold wind. My back is starting to ache from sitting in the cold. How am I going to do this run tonight, I wonder..

Fast forward 2.5 hours, soccer gear stored for a couple more days, and I’m strapping on my shoes and wrinkled running clothes and venture out. Bbbrrrr…it’s June, right?! The wind is so cold and whipping!

One foot in front of the other, glancing occasionally into the distance, trying to spot my turnaround point on the route, I try to concentrate on the sound of the music scratching through my ear buds as I listen to the latest Top 10 music radio station. Funny, the wind is so strong, I can scarcely hear the music. It feels like I’m barely moving forward. Let’s face it, I can probably walk as fast as I was jogging! It ain’t pretty…

I glance up into the sky at the ominous looking clouds, steel grey in colour, and threatening to rain. I notice a small group of vultures circling above my head…no wait! Pause the movie. They aren’t vultures but rather they are ravens! Whew…safe from having my bones picked clean by birds of prey. 😉 And then my mind immediately jumps to a beautiful story of a raven and a swan that I recently had the privilege of reading. The raven in the story is a helper, pensive in nature, and adventurous enough to follow the spirit of the moment to new and exciting endeavours. And I had 3 circling with me on my journey! What a gift!

Renewed in my pursuit of “Because I can…” I carry on in the head-on wind with the static-filled music in my head. Before I know it, the mid-point has been reached and I’m turning around…woohooo! The wind, with its power and chill, is now at my back and I’m jogging a wee bit faster on the way home. What an analogy to life: sometimes my decisions take me into a head wind, where I can only keep my eyes on my shoes hitting the ground one foot in front of the other, only to arrive at a point in the experience where the wind is at my back, giving me relief and a small push home to a place of comfort and retreat.

As I round the last corner, 300 meters from my finish line, Dru’s “She Can Ride” blasts through the ear buds. Feeling the intensity of the music, I sprint to my finish…”This girl she can ride…”

35 minutes, 4K done. Didn’t stop until it was over. It wasn’t pretty. And I’m okay with that.