“Mom, can we train with you today?” Joëlle queries.

“You mean on your bike?” I ask.

“Sure! We’ll keep you company. Right Ju?”

And so it was. After a quick refresher on bike safety while travelling on main roads, we set out.

“I don’t jog very fast, you know girls.”

“It’s okay…just do your best.”

I smile…always my cheerleaders.

As we round the second corner and merge onto the main road, the girls cycling on the right of the road, me on the left, I am not so much in running mode but rather on full mommy alert with my two precious treasures biking along side me. I haven’t the awareness to think about sore muscles or to develop a steady breathing rhythm. I haven’t the inclination to try to gage the distance to the turnaround point in the path. Instead, I coach and survey and assess my daughters’ safety throughout the journey.

“There’s a car coming behind you. Keep your eyes forward. You’ll steer where your eyes lead you.”

How true is that? Another analogy to life’s adventures. When I’m looking forward and moving confidently, I have a significantly greater capacity to greet adventures with strength and assertiveness. Should I happen to be glancing backward while a car is passing, I’m likely to swerve into traffic, wreaking havoc for everyone concerned.

I’m definitely not looking for any more crashes. I will keep my time and attention in the present moment with eyes open and looking with clarity and all that life has to offer. What a gift!

“We’re almost there Mom. When do you start your sprint to the finish?” Julianne asks.

“At the flag pole.”


I open it up all the way and empty the gas tank (to use my husband’s expression). As I cross the proverbial finish line (the stop sign at the end of the street), Julianne sings, “That girl she can ride….”

“Good job, Mom! You did it!”

Although I didn’t concentrate on time, distance or technique, I was thankful for their encouragement. Oh to be so lucky. 3K done. I’m okay with that. 😉