The schedule says I finish this first of 16 weeks of training with 3 “slow easy” kilometers. So why doesn’t it feel easy? Slow, yes. Easy, no!

After a week of running consistently, the 3K didn’t feel that easy at all. In fact, I struggled almost the whole time wanting to slow down to a walk instead of pushing through. Even working on maintaining good running posture was tough. But what was easy was fitting it into the schedule, despite the seriously jammed packed agenda for the day. It amazes me, truly, how mind and willpower can be turned on, enabling oneself to commit to the task at hand.

Tomorrow starts week 2..another 7K in 10 and 1 intervals. I’m curious to see how it’ll be different from last Sunday. I guess we’ll find out soon. Head-up, chin-up, and keep the eyes on the prize….15 more weeks until I’m ready for my first half marathon. Woot woot! 😉