If it wasn’t for this jog and blog, I’m pretty sure the run wouldn’t have happened tonight. We spent the second day in a row at the soccer field for a tournament (Jojo’s team came in second in the finals…bitter sweet after all that hard work…I’m so proud of both my gals for the effort they put into this weekend). After a long day in the wet and wind, a visit to both father’s to wish them Happy Daddy’s Day, I sat in front of the computer to confess to you that the run wasn’t happening tonight…I was too pooped…it was too late…I felt like my tummy was feeling a bit off…probably a wee bit on the dehydrated side…

But I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t see it in black and white on the computer screen…I couldn’t admit that I had cashed in an “excuse card” this soon in the training schedule. On with the running gear and out the door I go before I can change my mind again.

So here are the hightlights; the first 1.5K were the toughest. Finding my groove is always a challenge. Into my second 10:1 interval, a friendly dog, dripping wet, came bounding along beside me and said hello, kept me company for a stretch then bid me good evening as he returned back into the direction he came from. The beats of the songs playing on the radio through my ear buds seemed to match my stride tonight and so at times it felt like I was dancing along the road…that was an energizing experience.

I ran a total of 7.5K (even though I was only supposed to do 7), following the 10:1 interval pattern (with the exception of a short blip when the interval alarms on the watch got screwed up). A significant difference from last week’s first time out!

Tonight, I felt the potential to run the half marathon in 15 weeks. I’ve not experienced that “I can do it!” any of the other times that I’ve started to train. But this time…this time I’m going to get ‘er done. It’s not going to be a walk in the park…but I KNOW I can do it. Hope you’ll be there to cheer me on!

Monday is a rest day on the schedule. Check-in with ya on Tuesday!