Argh! Alarm clock goes off at 5 a.m. I crawl out at 5 minutes after, straight into my running gear and out the door I go. I’m going a new route again today. I haven’t “clocked” the distance on this one so I’m hoping it works out. I mean how far can 3K be, right? I check the time 5:15…

It’s still cool. The air is super heavy with humidity. It’s supposed to be 32 degrees today with a humidex of 40. This is another good reason why I should be running at this time of day instead of after supper. Right now it’s not even 20 degrees yet.

I’m moving through the neighbourhood a little too quickly. I don’t think I’m getting my full 3K in…yikes! When I get home, Julianne is up and around getting ready for a class trip with a departure from the school at 6 a.m. I take that opportunity, as I’m driving her to school, to drive the same running route to determine overall distance. Argh! 2.1K. At least my instincts were right about the time.

So I need to add .9 of a kilometre to my total distance for the week. Not so bad. That’s part of life…making adjustments along the route. Nothing like variation to spice things up.

I’m really okay with that. 😉