Another early start this morning. The battery on my cell phone/radio ran out of juice during the night so I am on my own with my thoughts again, this time at 5:30 a.m. The air is heavy with moisture and the birds are are chirping their morning salute. 4K to do this morning…but which way to go?

Not wanting to duplicate yesterday’s miscalculation of distance, I head northward in the usual direction. It’s  so quiet, except, of course, for the duet of shoes hitting the pavement and my rhythm of breathing. It feels good this morning. Yay!

Just as soon as I leave the neighbourhood and am running along the main road, I can see that the morning fog still lingers over the low marsh areas. How beautifully mysterious looking! Everything looks so lush and vibrant green. And among the thick growth along the road are patches of wild daisies…sprinkled here and there. Rarely do I see one solitary daisy. Instead they grow in small clusters. Their stems are hardy; their petals simple and delicate. I do so very much love daisies.

As I continue along my route, I am aware of all the daisies that are standing at attention to greet me along my travels. The daisies are peppering my view with beauty so as to distract me from my task. The daisies are cheering me on. With the nudge of a gentle breeze, they sway in the direction of my turnaround point just down the road as though shepherding me with encouragement.

The warm glow of the sun is just rising above the trees as I’m on the home stretch. Like a grandstand of supportive spectators, I acknowledge the largest group of daisies the seems to go on and on. Their company on this fine morning, has made all the difference.

The daisies are so much like my amazing family and friends. Sometimes they stand alone along the journey. Sometimes they gather into small groups to share an experience with me. Sometimes they swarm together in large numbers to lift me higher than I dare to go on my own.

I am most profoundly grateful for my daisies…you know who you are!

Friday is a rest day. Back to my daisies on Saturday. 🙂