What I’ve reaffirmed in today’s run is that sometimes a person just has to jump through all the hoops if they want to have a positive outcome. Today, I decided that I’d skip the pre-jog stretch. Today, I decided to eat my supper then head out for the run before the food was digested. Today, I decided to not drink enough water despite the warm weather. Today…I learned the hard way!!

On the bright side, I know that my body is much more capable of going the distance even when my mind is sweet-talking my conscious self to just “take it easy”. Nope, it wasn’t all rolling hills and soft fuzzy kittens and chocolate-dipped strawberries. Today, was HARD WORK!

I thought the shortcuts would get me out the gate and home quickly enough. Everyone knows that certain shortcuts really do save time and effort…like using Real Lemon Juice from a bottle mixed with water and sugar to make lemonade instead of squeezing the lemons fresh…of using ctrl+c on the keyboard to copy text or objects instead of using the edit menu. But this gal knows that shortcutting on healthy lifestyle choices doesn’t make anything “short”..it just “cuts”.

3+.9 km done (had to make up the .9 from earlier this week, remember?) and a few tough lessons and I’m at the end of week two!!

7K with 10:1 intervals tomorrow. The weather forecast isn’t promising…oh well…I’ve always wanted to run in the rain!