Second day into week 3 and I have 3K, 4K, 3K schedule. It sort of felt like a kilometer sandwich..two standard sized 3K pieces of bread, with a heftier serving size of something filling in the middle. (It’s funny how my imagination can find food in just about any situation!!)

Trusting my well-honed sense of timing (meaning I left my watch at home), I set out to discover new lands and new adventures (went straight instead of turning left). The neighbourhood was quiet tonight with the exception of the occasional passer-by…a mom with her twin boys in a stroller, a couple walking their dog, a remarkably sculpted young man mowing his lawn bare-chested (I turned my head to admire the flower gardens, I promise!!!). People are just quiet at 9 p.m. on a Tuesday night. Would I rather being doing something else? I think not! (Well maybe, but what fun what this blog be otherwise!)

What keeps me going is that the people I meet along the way are smiling and waving and I imagine that they’re sending me positive energy, wishing me well, and wondering if they, too, could challenge themselves to get out of their comfort zone. And I image how great it’ll feel when I’m home, showered, and in my jammies for the night. (There has to be a carrot there somewhere, right? See, there’s the food reference again…)

Upon arriving at my final destination, I hop into the car and measure out the distance of the new route that I took. Wouldn’t ya know it, I went 3.5K instead of the prescribed 3. I guess my 3-4-3 sandwich will have slightly different proportions that I initially set out with. And I’m okay with that.

Peace xo