Just one more day and I’ve successfully negotiated 3 weeks of training for a half-marathon. Who would’ve thunk it…that I’d recover so quickly at the end of my route? I’m genuinely surprised at how quickly I’m building endurance, speed and improving recovery time. I am so psyched!

The music that’s keeping me company makes me laugh…Rihanna pleads, “S.O.S. please someone help me. It’s not healthy… for me to feel this way”. Now I know this is completely out of context but I had think, “Not this time Rihanna! Not this time!”

Saturday I finish off the week and graduate to 9K in intervals on Sunday. Should be a blast!

Peace xo

P.S. You should’ve seen the sunset tonight…WOW! The sky looked like a creamsicle, wrapped in pink cotton candy, wrapped in blue as pure as the caribbean ocean.  Simply heaven. 🙂