We had an incredibly beautiful day here today…mainly sunny with the occasional cloud cover and a perfect 27 degrees celsius…AWESOME! The girls wanted to go to the beach…how could we say no?! June 30th lakeside with my family…perfecto!

I had 4K to do today and I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t feel like when we got home from the beach so I brought my running gear with me. Wow…what a terrific run! I didn’t really know exactly where 4K would finish so I decided to run for 30 minutes and decided that I would have to be satisfied that I’d at least covered the prescribed distance in that time (still really slow but getting stronger).

Running through the provincial park was an amazing experience. All citizens present and accounted for were happy to be there…squeals of delight and peels of laughter drifting to my awareness as I trotted along.

I am proud to say that I negotiated my first series of small hills as well (okay, if you must know, it was really only one hill but seemed to go on FOREVER and the route had a few more topical elevations than I’m used to). Thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! I was grateful to reach its’ summit and very pleases at how quickly I recovered.

Tomorrow I graduate to 9K in 10:1 intervals. Should be interesting! Stay tuned friends…