9K today! 9K today! 9K today…yikes! I will do this…because I can.

I am tremendously thankful to my faithful friend, Sonya, who joined me on my run today. She’s typically a 5K runner so this was a bit of a stretch for her as well. The company was awesome (you know…misery loves company?!) :/

What amazed me was that just as soon as I hit the 3.5K marker (my turnaround point for the previous 3 Sundays), I felt like it was time to pack it in. What’s up with that?! It was at that crucial point that I knew that the remainder of the run would be a situation of mind over matter.

Just about 6K into the adventure, we could feel the spatter of small raindrops on our faces. Considering that I was just getting by at that point, the freshness of the water was such a relief. Then…the skies opened up!!!! WOW, did it pour. It was one of the best experiences…running through the rain with a dear friend…feeling the coolness, distracting me from my sluggishness, energizing me to continue on. I even shouted out a “WoooHoooo” a few times for the relief that the rain brought.

By the time I crossed the finish line with a feeble attempt at a sprint, I was spent. At least physically that is. Mentally, I was very pleased with how it all went down. Week four has begun as has the intensity. Watch out sports fans…it may not be pretty.

Peace xo