Week 4 – 4K prescription. Hot. Humid. Tired. Bloated. Long, long, long list of Laurie-Do’s waiting at home. Gotta go!

In desperate need of a distraction, I decided on a brand new route tonight. And here’s what kept me going…horse hoof tracks along the side of the road! In my mind’s eye I could see the strong, powerful, lean, beautiful animal trotting along gently in the companionship of its rider. I could sense its raw power just below the surface, its respect and obedience to its master, its gratitude for the ability to wander out and roam beyond its usual confines. I could image in flip of its tail and the shake of its mane as it stepped along the side of the country road…one step at a time.

All bodily systems were screaming at me to give in and give up tonight. But all I could do was put one foot in front of the other until I reached home. If it’s good enough for the horses, it’s good enough for me.

Peace xo