Thank goodness for fluffy clouds in the sky! If it wasn’t for those shape-shifting formations that I could concentrate on while I was running, who knows what would’ve happened. LOL Is it a bunny? Teapot? Whale?

Now I’m sure that you’re wondering how it could be that I’m running AND looking at the clouds but sometimes a woman has to do what a woman has to do to shift focus away from burning lungs and tired legs. (It doesn’t hurt that I run along a country road either.)

I was okay for the first 6K then “because I can” kicked in. I was tired! I did manage an aggressive sprint to the finish…full boar…all out…emptied the tank. And then I thought I was going to pass out! Stars were whirling and birds were tweeting. It really wasn’t pretty. But I finished.

Tell me, do you sprint at the end of your run? If you do, are you pooped? Is it worth  it if you feel yucky for the rest of the day? Hmmmmm

Thus, I begin week 5. Tuesday is 5K straight. It’ll be interesting.

Peace xo