So I have two things to confess: 1. I’ve been super avoiding even thinking of running (I felt the tension all day) and didn’t want to go out tonight at all. And, I was supposed to do a 3K warm-up, 3 hills, then a 3K cool-down. But time and daylight did not permit me to get to the hills in time.

But excuses are not part of my “Because I can…” journey so….

Instead, I ran down the familiar country road, listening to new music and pushing myself beyond anything I’ve experienced so far. Elton John rocked through the ear buds and I kept time with my pace. Man, Elton’s songs are long!! LOL I managed a full 85% for at least 5 minutes and 20 seconds…the longest stretch yet. Then I allowed myself a wee bit of time to bring my heart rate back down then I was at it again with another face paced tune…and repeated a third time (3 hills, right?) It was fantastic.

Considering how I feel like I met “the wall” yesterday, today I pushed through it and I am relieved. Never give up…NEVER give up!!

Peace xo