It’s curious how new projects are set into motion at the beginning of a new year. At lunch today with my lovely friend, Danielle, we shared some our our hopes for this next calendar year. Among those that were mentioned, exploring our affinity for photography made it on the list. We tossed around many ways to approach this exploration and finally sealed our pact with a pinky promise to post at least one photo a month in a blog that includes a wee bit of a journal entry about the experience. Woot woot!

I wish you great love for your creative side mon amie…happy 2015! ❤

January 16, 2015 ~ Science North with Danielle

So I was driving to work this week, still early and still dark outside, when I noticed the lights along the boardwalk near Science North and immediately saw the photo op. I can’t remember the last time I was out in the dark with my camera. And so here I am still waiting for the feeling to come back to my fingers and toes after the self-imposed exposure to the cold and will attempt to describe what I was hunting for before:

SUBJECT: Lights at night
CAMERA SETTINGS: Trying long shutter speed, maybe HDR…if I can figure it out…I’ve never tried it.
OTHER DETAILS: -17 degrees Celsius, 6:08 pm
WHAT I LEARNED: My fingers get too cold too quickly to be able to manipulate the camera settings. I wanted to take three shots for HDR but should’ve set it up in the vehicle while before heading out and while I was still warm. My battery held up well. My tripod was crazy stiff. The scenery was beautiful…and I may try it again once it’s milder outside.


  • Aperture Priority, f10, 1/5, 18-55 mm lens
  • Post-processing in Adobe Lightroom 3, Color Creative-Bleach Bypass filter applied

Science North 2015.01.16


  • Aperture Priority, f10, 1/5, 18-55 mm lens
  • Post-processing in Adobe Lightroom 3, PH Old school skin tone preset filter applied
  • Used brushes to add highlights to tree in centre of frame and added dark vignette

Science North 2015.01.16-2