I don’t have a “bucket list” really…just a line-up of things I want to do “Because I can…”

What’s the difference? Well, I perceive the “bucket list” idea to be things to accomplish before one dies. “Because I can…” is a product of my passion to challenge my horizons, to “get out” of my ideas and dreams and into making them real stories to talk about someday. It’s about being alive and taking advantage of each moment that is gifted to me. Sound cliché-ish? Perhaps…but I’m okay with that. 🙂

Running a half-marathon is on the “Because I can…” list. I’ve tried on several occasions to accomplish this task and have allowed life’s circumstances to masquerade as excuses not to follow through. Not this time…not this time!!!

I will be 41 years old very shortly. Age is not going to be one of those masquerade ball invitees. I’ll just train and do it “Because I can…”